Sage Sinclair

Sage Sinclair has traveled around the world many times in her imagination and met rather unique characters. As an author Sage wishes to stimulate her readers to laugh, cry, become angry or cringe with fear as they journey though her books. As quill touches paper Sage's passion for writing shines through and her work comes to life. Remember with Sage Sinclair, one never knows what's coming next.

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The Essence of Glow

Handed down the chain for generations, Emma inherited a gift. Her mother warned her of society and to keep the gift hidden. She had a free spirit and a big world to discover. She fled from her home to find her place in that world. Seth, a handsome college student won her heart and now she was complete. Emma’s happiness soon changed to sorrow as her life began to unravel before her. She tried to overcome many obstacles, but how would the people of Emerald Springs react? Emma held the secret in the palm of her hand. What cost would she pay for the essence of glow?



Emma awoke with a smile on her face and feeling exhilarated. The ray’s of the sun peaked through her curtains.As she sat on the edge of the bed she stretched her arms to the air and said, “It’s going to be a most heavenly day.” She stood from her bed and picked up the rose that Seth left for her the night before. Smiling she took in its sweet fragrance and said, “I know.” She picked the petals and tossed them into the water. She undressed and tested the temperature of the water with her toe. It was perfect. After her bath she quickly dressed and brushed her hair as she tied it into a ponytail and then into a braid that hung down her back. She dabbed on a few drops of lavender oil behind her ears and on her wrists. Giving herself one last look in the mirror. “You look silly.” Rushing out the door she ran down the stairs to meet her riding companion. Seth awaited her arrival with two horses. "Are you ready milady?" 

Bloody Mary's Sister

Mary Wolfe was not a nice person. She cast a horrific spell upon her ex-lover after discovering that he is a married man and he refused to continue their liaison. Her revenge is devious and deadly which earns her the title of "Bloody Mary." She is sent to a mental institution to live out the rest of her days in a straight jacket.
Elizabeth, her younger sister visits her regularly and is her only source of communication. Mary uses her sister to obtain what she wants and soon the love between them turns sour. The two collide over the love of a man and the insanity of two sisters fighting in a world of magic. These two Witches will stop at nothing. Death will be the only way to stop them. Who will it be, Mary or Elizabeth?   


Elizabeth stood for a moment and stared at him. She then circled around his body several times. Blood pooled by his head as he lay on the hard cold floor.His coat that had once been tan with a fur collar now covered in the liquid that drained from him. “I`ll store him in the basement,” she said happily. She went to a nearby linen closet and retrieved a sheet. She began to roll his body in order to wrap the sheet around him. “Damn your heavy and look at you getting blood all over my floor. You better hope that it don`t stain,” she said as she tied a knot at one end.She dragged him through the house until she reached the basement door. “Well dude, this is where you’re going to be for a very long time,” she said as she gave one push to his body. He thumped each step as he went down then lied on the floor at the bottom.  Elizabeth silently stared at him for a moment before she shut the door at the top of the stairs and locked it.

The Vampire

Bay Winters was a small town girl, living a simple life. Until...Kane Renshaw made his entrance, turning her perfect world upside down. Tormented by love, desire and the hunger for Bay's blood, Kane returned to his homeland. But, she kept a secret hidden. When Kane learns of the truth, will he be led to her? Will their love survive or will it be lost forever? Where exactly does the existence of Dracula fit into it all?  



She stopped when she heard the violin. It was the song that had been playing repeatedly in her head. It was beautiful, soothing and alluring. Without even so much as a tap on the door, she walked straight in, following the music through the enormous foyer and into an extremely darkened room. She stood in silence and stared at him. She knew it was Kane from the long hair that flowed down his back. “I knew you would come. ”Bay stood silent.

Pennies from Heaven

Pennies from Heaven is a compilation of true stories from people who have lost loved ones and have grieved in different ways and at different times. It is not a faith based book however it does have faith based stories. The stories are as varied as the people who have written them. This book was written to help in some small way others who are grieving for a loved one.


The day of the funeral came and I was keeping it together quite well. I saw her sleeping in her casket so peacefully and told myself she was finally out of pain. I should be happy that she was in a place of tranquility and beautiful music. Then I thought of her being taken from me and I started to sob. Now I was feeling sorry for myself and not thinking of grandma not suffering any longer. I just wanted her back to feel her soft cheek when I kissed her, to see her beautiful smile and to hear all the stories of how she grew up. I wanted her back and I wanted her back now! I was very angry once again with god and this time he was going to get a mouthful from me, dammit!


The sun was hot and beat down on them as they reached their destination. It was an old farmhouse in badly need of repairs. The grass had not been cared for and had turned brown and resembled straw. The outside door on the front of the house hung by one hinge and missed a screen. It had once been an attractive yellow color, but the paint was old and exposed the bare wood of the house. Neither spoke a word, only the sound of pebbles could be heard under their feet as they walked the long driveway.


Satan's Holiday    

The Asylum

Touching the soul has been said to be impossible. Is it energy from the body or an unseen spirit that is made up of its hosts life experiences? When an individual dies the soul detaches itself from the body to enter into a pristine realm of being. The asylum is full of old souls that are yearning to break free. A few are good and one is evil.


He was uncaring and harshly probed at her body. Mary kept her eyes closed and tried to think happy thoughts and ignore the pain. “Have we gotten a time setup for her sterilization yet?” the doctor asked. “Yes, day after tomorrow.” “Good because she’s a pretty one this one and we don’t want any accidents.” “No we don’t doctor.” “Okay, Mary, you can get dressed now,” the doctor replied as he slapped her thigh.

Blessings From the Darkness

Bridgette was seventeen and pregnant with nowhere to go. Home life for her was abusive and cruel. Being held against her will and convinced her baby was evil; she turned to drugs for comfort. Soon a child is born, but who wishes for a baby with health issues? Will Bridgette be a mother of patience and devotion or continue with the only life she knows? What happens next is only understood by the one who loves.  


Sheila looked around for the nurses and saw no one. She lifted up the side and laid her hand on Harmony’s back. She slowly unhooked the tubes and lightly wrapped her up before bringing her out. “Are you ready to go visit someone?”  “Bridgette.” She opened her eyes and looked at Sheila. “I have someone here that wants to meet you.”


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